Anxiety A Devotional by Jessica Cross Anxiety. Something that everyone struggles with. It is a big word for worry. I do not know of anyone who has not struggled with anxiety to some extent. For me, I have struggled with this for years and still do. I worry about almost everything. I worry about what others will … More Anxiety

I am His

I am His A devotional by Ashley Rose There is a story of an old woman who lived alone in a small shack of a house. The paint was peeling, the roof was leaking and the floor was sagging, but it was all she could afford at the time. Her landlord was an ugly old … More I am His


Mercy a devotional by Jack Ambrosius This study is written for you to discover the answers yourself. If you do not know what a word means I would advise you to look the word up on the internet. Also, take some time thinking about the answers and what the answers mean for your life. Getting started: … More Mercy