I am His
A devotional by Ashley Rose

There is a story of an old woman who lived alone in a small shack of a house. The paint was peeling, the roof was leaking and the floor was sagging, but it was all she could afford at the time. Her landlord was an ugly old man with a hateful temper who scared her.

Once a month he would come and bang on the door. When she would open it, he would be standing there breathing down her neck demanding the rent. She would quickly give it to him so he would go away.

One day there came a knock at the door and she opened it. Fearing the nasty landlord, she was surprised to see a handsome young man standing there. He told her that he had purchased the house and he was the new landlord. He told her he wanted to fix the leak in the roof, repaint the house, and repair the sagging floor. She hung her head in despair. Where would she live? She could hardly afford this dump she’d been living in.

When he realized the cause of her despair, be told her not to be alarmed. He was not going to force her out of the house. In fact, she was the reason he was making all of the repairs. He wanted her to have a house that was safe and secure and something she would be proud to call a home.

But that wasn’t even the best part. He told her that she would be able to live in the house from now on rent free.

Well, this seemed to be too good to be true! She waited every day for him to change his mind, but he didn’t. Over the next few weeks, he came and made all of the repairs he promised and even helped her plant flowers in front of the house. It was a dream come true. She couldn’t be happier.

Then one day, she heard a very loud, very familiar bang on the front door. She hesitated a moment and then she opened the door. There stood the nasty, mean landlord from before breathing down her neck demanding the rent. Should she pay him? Of course not! The house no longer belonged to him. He had no right to it nor did he have any right to harass her.

So what about us? We live in a world where this nasty, mean landlord scares us and demands things from us and makes our lives miserable. Then we are introduced to Jesus! He comes into our lives, cleans us up, and makes everything beautiful. We go skipping through life and are happier than ever until we hear a knock on the door.

The enemy has no claim to you. Once you are in Christ, you are free!

Read these verses and explain them in your own words:

John 8:44 & Romans 8:35-39


Journal the lies that the enemy been whispering to you.


It’s easy to identify the outcomes of the lies, because they often show up as a blocked prayer life, depression, fear, or habitual sins. But recognizing the lie at the root of your behaviors can be more difficult. Go to the Scriptures and say, ‘What is God’s truth about that lie?’


What does Hebrews 4:12 say we are supposed to do to counteract Satan’s lies?
Hide the verses in your heart by memorizing them.
Then meditate on them whenever you feel the urge to act out.

We belong to the King of Creation.
We no longer have to believe the lies of the enemy.
So slam the door in his face and call out to the One who knows you, loves you and paid the price for you!

Lord, no one can separate me from Your love. It is time I started believing the Truth found in Your Word instead of the lies of the enemy of this world.

God bless,
Ashley Rose
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Portions of this devotion were taken from:
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