Tomorrow Begins Today

Tomorrow Begins Today A devotional by Isaac Stone             The cosmic potential of the believer’s mind introduces the great scandal of today’s church: Christians without Christian minds, Christians who do not think Christianly. -R. Kent Hughes (Disciplines of a Godly Man)             As a high school student I heard often that God knows the things … More Tomorrow Begins Today

He Will Guide

He Will Guide a devotional by Sophia Kaminski Being in my senior year of high school, it feels like everyone has asked me the same two questions: “What are you planning to go to school for?” and “What college are you going to attend?” Both of which I do not know the answer to. This brings a lot … More He Will Guide

The Old is Gone

“The Old is Gone” A devotional by Troy Meissner As the Israelites were conquering the land of Canaan, the Lord commanded them to completely eliminate the native people of the land. Initially they did a great job of obeying, but as they neared the end of their task, they became complacent and didn’t drive out … More The Old is Gone