Can the Critic

Can the Critic A Devotional by Tim Lawrence God created speech as a way to communicate with others and most importantly to praise Him. God spoke the world into being. He used words to create life. Jesus used the power of words to raise the dead and to heal the sick. The book of James … More Can the Critic

Our Heavenly Daddy

“Our Heavenly Daddy” by Hannah Sponholz Our church is currently going through a series on The Sermon on the Mount.  Awhile back, we spent a few weeks going through The Lord’s Prayer. Our pastor really challenged us, encouraged us, and taught us throughout each sermon, but the thing that stuck with me most, was one … More Our Heavenly Daddy

Captured Hearts

“Captured Hearts” by Amanda Vonckx Do you remember the first time God captured your heart in awe or wonder? For me it was even before I knew how much God loved me. As a child I would sit on my porch listening to the wind glide across the sweet cherry blossom tree in our front … More Captured Hearts

Zoning Out

“Zoning Out” by Dave Sponholz Have you ever read something without actually reading it?  Like, to have your eyes physically look at the words, but to have no idea what you just read.  This has been happening to me for my whole life.  Unless the content was SUPER engaging (fiction adventure stories), then I’d find … More Zoning Out