on the big rock

Lake Lundgren Bible Camp's Weekly Devotional Blog


We know what it’s like to be at Bible Camp and have an extreme fire for God in our hearts.
We also know what it’s like to get back home in life’s normal routine and worriedly ask our self “Where did my passion for God go?”.

Well, this blog was created for you to be encouraged to stand firm in your faith. All devotions posted here have been written by Lake Lundgren Bible Camp’s Summer Staff Team and Missionary Staff. Our prayer is that you are encouraged by what we share with you.

The blog title “On the Big Rock” comes from two things:
1. If you’ve ever been to LLBC, you probably know about Big Rock. It’s a big rock that overlooks the Lake, and many campers have their Personal Quiet Times there.
2. In Matthew 7:24, Jesus says:
“Everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the Rock.”

We must build our lives on the foundation of Jesus Christ.  You’ll crumble when tough times come if you’re building your life on anything other than God’s Word. No storm can overcome that rock.

Besides weekly devotionals, you’ll find:
an Archive page for our devotions sorted by topic,
How to Be Saved page if you have questions about the Gospel,
What We’re Listening To page to see what positive music we recommend,
What We’re Reading to see a list of books we suggest,
Other Sites We Like to see websites that we get inspired from,
and an Upcoming Camps page so you can stay updated on which retreats and camps you could come to!

Is there a certain topic you would like us to write about? email camp@llbc.org

Need prayer

Is there something you would like prayer for? comment below or email camp@LLBC.org

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