Devotional Archives


Building your house on the Rock and Standing Firm

Changing Your Thoughts Today

Christmas Gift Ideas from the Heart

Coming Down from the God High/When you lose your fire for God

Confessing Your Sins

Dear Perfectionist, Quit Apologizing – the only one you have to please is God

Doubting Your Faith 

Eternal Perspective and Our life is short


Finding joy through illness

Freedom in Christ

Getting Rid of the ‘Residents in Your Land’ = the sin in your life

Goals and Using our Goals to Glorify God

God is Always By Our Side and Helps Us to the Finish Line

God Guides our Future

Grace/God Save Me From Myself

Hoping in Eternal Things, Not Temporary

Identity in Christ

Learning how to slow down/God’s time is not rushed

Loving others


Making and Keeping Friends – how to be a good friend

Mercy and Grace

Simplifying Your Speech and Trusting God 

Spiritual Rest

Struggling with what it means to be a Christian

The Battle of Pride

Trials and Trusting God

Turning Down the Volume of the World So You Can Hear God.

Waiting in God and Being Patient

We don’t need to be anxious because God’s Got This

When I Don’t Feel Qualified/Can God Use Me?

Zoning Out while Bible Reading/Scripture Journaling

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