What Divides Us

“What Divides Us” by Jamie Anderson To be “open” – what does that look like as a Christian? I’m not talking about openness as it comes to trusting or sharing personal things with other people. I’m not even talking about accepting nonbelievers into the church (although we absolutely should, but that’s a wonderful topic for … More What Divides Us

Let Him Guide Me

“Let Him Guide Me” by Angie Fischer Today I learned that I need to be still. We are so busy with our lives: working, school, friends, family, sports and tons of other stuff….which we try to cram into a 16 hour period. Sometimes it can feel like we’re so busy that we hardly have time to breathe! … More Let Him Guide Me

Even Me?

“Even Me?” a devotional by Mariah Behm This summer I am serving on Lake Lundgren’s Summer Staff Team! I was overjoyed when I heard I was accepted, because I am excited to serve God through working at camp! Camp asked me if I would write a devotion for this blog. It was so nerve wracking … More Even Me?

Why Fit In?

“Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out?” a devotional by Charis Nichole I am sure you have heard those well-known words of Dr. Seuss many times before, but have you ever thought about their meaning? Those famous words of Dr. Seuss are a perfect motto for Christians in today’s world. With all … More Why Fit In?

Deep Roots Part 2

“Deep Roots Part 2” by Isaac Stone {If you have been reading the recent devotions, you will notice that Sarah Lyle wrote a devotional called “Deep Roots”: https://onthebigrock.wordpress.com/2017/03/01/deep-roots/ She did a wonderful job talking about growing our faith daily, and made the correlation between faith and the roots of trees around her home when she was … More Deep Roots Part 2

My Identity

“My Identity” by Alden Hunt By nature, I enjoy performing – mostly musically and theatrically. That’s led me to audition for a lot of things in college. However, in the last few weeks, I’ve been getting quite a few emails that look like this:  Hi Alden, Thank you very much for your interest in (production/group/film). Unfortunately, … More My Identity

Depth That Moves

“Depth That Moves” by Jersey Hoffner God won my heart years ago because He met me where I was at. He hurt for what hurt me, and He loved even more. He saw me. The world tells us today that we shouldn’t feel deeply, that 24/7 happiness is attractive, and to act and be perfect … More Depth That Moves