Let Him Guide Me

“Let Him Guide Me” by Angie Fischer Today I learned that I need to be still. We are so busy with our lives: working, school, friends, family, sports and tons of other stuff….which we try to cram into a 16 hour period. Sometimes it can feel like we’re so busy that we hardly have time to breathe! … More Let Him Guide Me

Even Me?

“Even Me?” a devotional by Mariah Behm This summer I am serving on Lake Lundgren’s Summer Staff Team! I was overjoyed when I heard I was accepted, because I am excited to serve God through working at camp! Camp asked me if I would write a devotion for this blog. It was so nerve wracking … More Even Me?

Why Fit In?

“Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out?” a devotional by Charis Nichole I am sure you have heard those well-known words of Dr. Seuss many times before, but have you ever thought about their meaning? Those famous words of Dr. Seuss are a perfect motto for Christians in today’s world. With all … More Why Fit In?

Deep Roots Part 2

“Deep Roots Part 2” by Isaac Stone {If you have been reading the recent devotions, you will notice that Sarah Lyle wrote a devotional called “Deep Roots”: https://onthebigrock.wordpress.com/2017/03/01/deep-roots/ She did a wonderful job talking about growing our faith daily, and made the correlation between faith and the roots of trees around her home when she was … More Deep Roots Part 2

My Identity

“My Identity” by Alden Hunt By nature, I enjoy performing – mostly musically and theatrically. That’s led me to audition for a lot of things in college. However, in the last few weeks, I’ve been getting quite a few emails that look like this:  Hi Alden, Thank you very much for your interest in (production/group/film). Unfortunately, … More My Identity

Depth That Moves

“Depth That Moves” by Jersey Hoffner God won my heart years ago because He met me where I was at. He hurt for what hurt me, and He loved even more. He saw me. The world tells us today that we shouldn’t feel deeply, that 24/7 happiness is attractive, and to act and be perfect … More Depth That Moves